UK Docks Ship Repair & Refit Middlesbrough Teesside. Making and producing a promotional video and film shot in 4K UHD


Drone My Business Ltd was lucky  to be asked to shoot a promotional video and marketing shots. 

UK Docks Teesside offers two dry docks and afloat facilities for repair, refit, conversion, and engineering to marine, offshore and industrial companies throughout the world. The yard, which is located within the Tees Offshore Base, had lain dormant for more than 20 years before UK Docks invested heavily in the dilapidated site to restore it to operational function. The first dry dock was reopened in October 2014 – exactly 107 years to the day since the original dock was opened when new.

Number 2 dock has been fully refurbished and work is now well-advanced on the second dock, which is scheduled to re-open very soon with new steel, engineering shops and accommodation facilities already under construction.