UK’s First Major FPV Racing & Drone Agility Circuit Coming to the UK in December

FPV Frone Racing NEC

The UK Drone Show is proud to announce the DroneGP LIVE Open Championships – the nation’s first ever major indoor FPV racing event and drone agility circuit. With a rapidly growing FPV drone racing scene around the world, the UK Drone Show will attract some of the best FPV pilots to compete in the event at the NEC on 5-6 December 2015. 

In addition to some of the most well-known pilots taking part in the drone racing zone, some of the exhibitors at the event will also be showing off their flying skills. A battle of the exhibitors is currently being organised, with James Harvey from air traffic control service NATS already agreeing to take part in the Drone Agility Challenge. 

The circuit itself will be challenging for any pilot, with various obstacles to overcome such as different sized hoops to fly the drone through, posts to dodge and a time limit to complete by.