Airnamics R5

Airnamics R5 Drone

One of the larger multi-rotors on the market and perhaps the coolest looking! The eight rotors mean it will keep flying if one fails and be home in time for tea and medals. I predict many copy cat smaller versions. Oh and several flying spider headlines in the next couple of days. Based in Slovenia Airnamics have arrived with a bang!

Airnamics R5 2

Welcome to the world of R5, the ultimate camera motion system.

The R5 has three main safety features: total redundancy, it minimizes impact from operator errors and is mechanically robust.

All critical system components are redundant. This means that even if any individual sensor, autopilot, battery, motor, propeller or any other component fails or has an error, the R5 is still able to fly and land safely.

Flight Management System - An advanced Flight Management System constantly monitors all system parameters and informs the operator of any errors. If the operator does not adequately react to the error, the R5 can safely land itself without any operator intervention.

Intelligent Design - Mechanical design of the R5 also minimises the potential damage if operator error were to cause a collision with any foreign object. In case of low velocity impact, the R5 will only move back a little and hover on the spot. It will wait there for new operator input without any damage to itself or its surroundings.