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Professional ground up media, surveying and inspection solutions for business.

- Industrial and residential building inspection
- Survey solutions
- Mapping and environmental monitoring
- Land, building development and waste management surveying
- Stunning HD photography, 4K filming and promotional videos,

We fly the latest UAV remotely piloted drones with the technology to capture amazing aerial images, video and data. Drone My Business Ltd has CAA qualified pilots to fly our commercial UAV drones and has permission for commercial operation (PFCO) approval by the Civil Aviation Authority (No 1596). We have the expertise and equipment to operate in complex industrial environments which often have hazards and all flights undergo a rigorous safety appraisal & site survey along with risk assessment before flying takes place.

Our aerial mapping and survey service, Drone Explorer, has the expertise and capabilities to fly precision UAV missions collecting fast actionable data for the agricultural and construction sectors creating very high quality 2D orthomosaics, NDVI imagery and 3D models. And now offering the ultimate enterprise mapping service with the new Phantom 4 Pro RTK

Drone Aerial Photography London
Aerial drone photography of Bulk Carrier PD Teesport
Aerial Drone Photography Dry Docks Teesport
UAV Drone Bridge Inspection UK
UAV Drone Inspection Company

Stunning aerial photography and 4K film and video

Drone My Business Ltd produces high quality, high impact imagery and 4K films and videos that will make your business stand out and give it the competitive edge. We also produce high end promo videos for websites and social media platforms.

Drone aerial building roof survey and Inspection services

Access to difficult areas & positions with the safe use of a remote piloted drone. The task can be carried out in a fraction of the time and cost to conventional methods and offers a very safe alternative.

Property photography and video for sales and marketing

Aerial footage for residential properties and commercial buildings truly provides a unique, dynamic and inexpensive solution to enhance a property's appeal which makes for a very powerful marketing tool.

Drone aerial building surveys and roof inspections


High level drone aerial building / roof surveys and inspections services capturing high definition photography and video. What was previously a difficult and expensive task can now be achieved much more cost-effectively using our remotely piloted aerial systems. Building inspections of roofs, chimneys, towers, stadiums, wind turbines, church spires, etc., no longer need expensive cherry-pickers or scaffolding. We can give you a series of high resolution images or high definition video of most hard to reach structures. You can even monitor the footage being gathered on our remote ground station screens to make sure you’re getting exactly the images you require. And there’s no longer the need for anyone to leave the ground so the project is obviously much safer. Operating to strict procedures, governed by the UK’s CAA, our first priority is safety. Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, Sussex, including Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Fareham, Gosport, Basingstoke, Farnham, Guildford, Reading, Andover, Salisbury, Swindon, Salisbury, Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Poole, Worthing, Weymouth, Newbury, Farnborough, Croydon, Brighton, London, South Coast and throughout the UK.

UAV Drone Aerial Cell Tower Inspection Work

We have the experience and equipment needed to operate in complex industrial environments which often have unseen hazards.

There are many regular inspection tasks to be undertaken on a typical industrial or residential site.  For example, simple visual checks, pollution risk reviews and inspections.  UAV platforms can provide access to areas that are too difficult or too risky to send your team into.  These services can dramatically reduce your risk exposure in a “working at height” situation and by altering the economics of these inspections, can enable you to do them more frequently.

Using UAV's for inspection, access is much safer and environmentally friendlier than having to employ the use of scaffolding - the drone inspection requires no area of the building or site to closed off while the survey is being completed due to the altitude of the drone unless in a public area where the necessary safety precautions will be implemented as safety is paramount in our operations. This means that your business will have limited disruption to it's daily running.

The UAV Drone Survey, in comparison to MEWP’s and scaffolding has many other benefits too, for example, using a UAV significantly reduces time spent on the survey portion of a project or it allows for quick information to be captured covering the full area of the site. The UAV drone takes less than half an hour to set up ready for the survey to begin, whereas scaffolding takes significant time to erect and then dismantle – the same can be said for hire of a MEWP.

Due to the high quality of images that our UAV Drones can produce, the results far outweigh any manual surveys that might take place, aiding in fast accurate surveys to be completed by surveyors. If required the drone can also create 3D models of the structure or area. 

Overall the UAV Drone Survey is a high quality manner in which to collect data of a survey area, with none of the risk of having to use work at height methods to reach the altitude required. It is a cost effective and safe method of collecting information which can be used to plan and enhance construction projects.

UK Aerial roof inspection & survey using uav drone

Aerial Property Photography

Aerial footage for residential properties and commercial buildings truly provides a unique, dynamic and inexpensive solution to enhance a property's appeal which makes for a very powerful marketing tool. We love shooting real estate and our aim is to produce amazing looking images and videos that shows off the magnificence of the property in it's grounds as well as showing the interior in all it's glory. We combine still photography & aerial video shoots to save time & money. The final product gives our clients the ultimate low cost solution to speed up sales and even increase a properties value. We offer a quick production turn around time on our images and videos to enable your finished product to hit the market place as fast as possible. We supply aerial property photography for estate agents and developers in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, Sussex, including Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Fareham, Gosport, Basingstoke, Farnham, Guildford, Reading, Swindon, Salisbury, Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Poole, Worthing, Newbury, Farnborough, Croydon, Hove, Woking, Brighton, London and throughout the UK.

Aerial London Property Photography
Aerial Property Photography Hampshire

Survey and Mapping

Complex aerial data collection simplified for NDVI analysis to find problems, quantify damage and estimate yields for agricultural farmland.

Aerial drone uav agricultural crop scouting mapping

Drone My Business Ltd specialises in precision aerial missions mapping and surveying to collect actionable data to spot what your eye can't, create application maps, 3D models, accurate measurement, NDVI imagery for farmers to help improve crop yields, track construction site progress enabling instant ground truthing, environmental monitoring, industrial inspection and high definition orthomosaic photography and 4K filming.

Drone wedding photography & video production

These are exciting times! Technology is advancing fast and we want to stay at the forefront of it. We have invested in a new DJI Inspire 1 Professional  aerial drone that can shoot amazing 4K video and HD stills. We have our licence to fly commercially from the CAA and can offer our clients this great media to enhance their wedding day. We also

Aerial drone wedding photography and video